Una escuela infantil de inglés en la naturaleza

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Our school follows the educational guidelines established under British Educational Curriculum. The EYFS (EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE) identifies these areas of learning and development which are important and inter-connected. Within each area of learning there are ‘Early Learning Goals’.
The six learning areas are:
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
DSCN2557Focuses on how children learn to share, play, work and become more independent by making relationships with adults and other children, considering the feelings of others, and learning how to take turns. We encourage children to take a self-initiation in every step they take along the way from choosing an activity, feeding animals, to solving problems.

Communication, Language and Literacy
DSCN4633 This covers the development of speaking, listening, pre-writing and pre-reading skills and promotes the communication in the group. We encourage the appreciation of books and songs. Through this children are able to improve concentration and speak with growing confidence.

Mathematical Development
DSCN3387In order to enhance the development of this cognitive skill we use ideas relating to numbers, measurement, quantity, shape and space. Therefore, children are encouraged to develop an understanding of Mathematics through stories, finger-play, songs, games, cooking activities and imaginative play.

A knowledge and understanding of the world
PB120011 This is the area where children investigate and become aware of the objects, places and people around them. We have the opportunity to know ourselves, our families and friends; and develop an understanding and respect for those who are of different ethnic backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.

Physical Development
PThis area is basically related to the control, coordination and improvement of the fine and gross motor skills development.
The outside play, music and movement are regular activities of the life at nursery school. We provide physical development by giving children the possibility to live in close contact with nature.

Creative Development
DSCN0110The children will be happy and free if we stimulate them the grace of fantasy and orientate the freedom of their imagination.
We encourage the development of this skill through art, music and drama, where children find ways to communicate using color, shape, sound, texture, movement and stories.