At our school, we stress the great importance of the environment. The children are always surrounded by flowers.

The flowers are always a blessing, a sublime hymn about creation. We believe they are our transport to heaven.

Our children, as well as professing to their love, have pets around them who share our time on earth. We lovingly serve their needs and dedicate our full attention, and so they awaken our most sublime ideals.

Our gardens, which change beautifully depending on the season, accompany our nude Winter, introspectively, drive our Spring with happiness and excitement, bring calm to our eventful Summer, and soften our return into Autumn. We help to make these gardens beautiful, and in return, they provide us with their charm and uplift our spirits.

But, it is perhaps in the orchard, because its fruits are tangible, where we can feel more, and we always receive the same amount in return, the miracle of life, the only miracle, that resides in us, we are carrying the seed of fulfillment, and the world is only a mirror of who we are.

Our rewarding task is simply letting the seeds grow freely.